üčTechnical Departmentüč

Our tasks at technical department consist of development and quality control. The shapes of the plastic we deal at work are rise grain size, and you might have no chance to see it in a daily life. But when it's sent out from our manufacture and molded as a merchandise product, it changes the shape and you can see it in shovels, hair dryers, mechanical pencils and other various kind of products. The pencil you have may also be made from our plastic resin! Our plastic is widely spread not just in Japan, but worldwide. For the quality control, we use various types of equipments. It might be seemingly difficult to handle, but we clearly define each employee's roles and assignments. Our technical team is composed by small numbers but capable young staff members. Our teamwork is excellent! We have an open environment that we can exchange candid opinions without hesitation.

Technical Department  Technical Manager  Kazue Fukutake

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