Under harsh circumstances varying from hour to hour.
YUWA staff are pushing forward vigorously toward their own goals.
We have always been doing our business positively, promptly and surely, considering the customersfviewpoint first. We have invariably been thinking what we can do to meet the customersf needs.

The business in the world is trying to solve the environmental problems through effective recycling and Ecology corresponding to ISO14001.
We thought of plastics recycling at the early stage, and started producing polycarbonate resin for PC recycling.
It was 37 years ago and we were the first in Japan.
We have accumulated precious lessons during these years and been developing various processing technologies based on those lessons by taking a broad view.
In our activities we established our main plant in the industrial area of Nishinomiyahama in Dec., 2002 to work for the substantial manufacture. Besides, the system improving the quality has been realized by the equipped Technical and Developing Division.
Our products meet the PL-standard for food hygiene.
Our products are now marketable in the world with confidence.
We are trying to be a company that customers can ask for any advice about plastics and that customers can expect to solve any problems about plastics.
We will also build up a unique communication network to collect information about the changes in our customersf needs, and by making use of the network we will inform our customers of the latest and accurate news.
Besides that, we will revitalize the corporate organization and work on new frontiers of plastics.

We are a small company based in Koshien, Nishinomiya City, but we have a dream to become the company of the world some day.
We are determined to make every effort to make our dream come true.
We will always provide attentive services and continue to make new attempts.